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Hugh Pemberton

Dr Hugh Pemberton is Reader in Contemporary British History at the University of Bristol. He is an expert on the history of modern Britain, and particularly of British politics, from the Second World War to the very contemporary. His research focuses principally on economic and social policy (the latter in terms of British pensions); public administration and governance; party politics; and the politics of change.

A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Dr Pemberton is also a founder member of the Political Studies Association’s Politics and History specialist group and the GW4 Modern British Politics and Political History group.

He is currently pursuing three parallel research projects:
1. The postwar history of British pensions (being Principal Investigator on the AHRC-funded Thatcher’s Pension Reforms  project).
2. The history of the UK Civil Service reform under John Major (this research is being conducted for the Cabinet Office as part of an Official History of the Civil Service). 
3. The recent history of the UK Labour party

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