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Nicolas Jaoul

Nicolas Jaoul is an anthropologist at the CNRS, a member of the IRIS and an associate member of the CEIAS. Based on long field work, his PhD dissertation, defended in 2004, addressed the emancipation movement of Uttar Pradesh’s untouchables (Dalits). He has since developed his ethnographic approach of the underprivileged in India by undertaking regional comparisons of the dalit mobilization, looking into communist pesants in Bihar, or the relationship between the Dalits and hindu nationalism or gandhism.

He is on the board of Samaj and, among other publications, edited the special issue “Outraged Communities.Comparative perspectives on the politicisation of emotions in South Asia”. He also co-edited with Julien Bonhomme a special issue of Gradhiva, devoted to “Great Men Seen from Below” (2010).

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