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Miri Rubin

Miri Rubin is Professor of Medieval and Early Modern History at Queen Mary University of London. Her research has ranged across the period 1100-1600, through the exploration of themes in the religious culture of Europe.

She is the author of Charity and Community in Medieval Cambridge, (Cambridge University Press, 1987), Corpus Christi: the Eucharist in Late Medieval Culture, (Cambridge University Press 1991), Gentile Tales; the Narrative Assault on Late Medieval Jews, (Yale University Press, 1999), Mother of God. A History of the Virgin Mary, (Alan Lane, 2009), Emotion and Devotion. The Meaning of Mary in Medieval Religious Cultures (Central European University Press, 2009), Very Short Introduction to the Middle Ages (Oxford University Press, 2014) and has translated and edited Thomas of Monmouth, The Life and Passion of William of Norwich, (Penguin, 2014). Her most recent book will be published by Cambridge University Press in March 2020: Cities of Strangers: Making Lives in Medieval Europe.

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