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Yaël Kreplak

A former student from the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon where she also earned her doctorate degree, Yaël Kreplak works in the fields of ethnomethodology, situated action and conversational analysis. Based on ethnographic surveys carried out in artistic and heritage institutions (Villa Arson, the Musée national d’art moderne, and the French National Archives), her work aims to develop a praxeological approach to art, anchored in the description of ordinary practices of museum displays, conservation, restoration and documentation. She is an associate researcher at CERLIS (Université Paris Descartes) and CEMS (EHESS). Among her recent publications: « Quelle sorte d’entité matérielle est une œuvre d’art ? Le cas du Magasin de Ben » (Images Re-vues, 2019) ; « On thick records and complex artworks. A study of record-keeping practices at the museum » (Human Studies, 2018).

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