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Annie Jourdan

Annie Jourdan is an Associate Professor in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She supervises research in modern and contemporary history, and specializes in the French Revolution and the First Empire. Among her publications are Napoléon: Héros, Imperator, mécène (Napoleon: Hero, Imperator, Patron), Aubier, 1998; L’empire de Napoléon (Napoleon’s Empire), Champs Flammarion, 2000; Mythes et légendes de Napoléon (Myths and Legends of Napoleon), Privat, 2004; La Révolution, une exception française? (The Revolution: A French Exception?), Flammarion, 2004; and La Révolution batave: entre la France et l’Amérique (The Batavian Revolution: Between France and America), Rennes, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2008.

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