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Claude-Olivier Doron

A graduate from the ENS Ulm, Claude-Olivier Doron holds a PhD in History and Philosophy of Science. He is associate professor in History and Philosophy of Science at University Paris Diderot, and a member of SPHERE research unit and the Canguilhem Centre. His research focuses on the history and uses of the idea of “race”, racism, the history of psychiatry in the 20th century, and the relations between psychiatry and justice in today’s society. His publications include:
  “Biopolitica y zootecnia”, Historia y sociedad, 25, julio-diciembre 2013, p. 17-43
  « Race et médecine : une vieille histoire », Médecine/Sciences, 29(10), Oct. 2013, p. 918-922
  « Race and Genealogy. Buffon and the Formation of the Concept of « Race » », Humana mente, 22, Special Issue Making Sense of Gender, Sex, Race and the Family, Edizioni ETS, Pisa, Sept. 2012, p. 75-109
  « La formation du concept psychiatrique de ‘perversion’ au XIXe siècle en France », L’Information Psychiatrique, vol. 88, n°1, 2012, dossier Perversions, p. 39-4
  « La volonté de soigner : d’un singulier désir de soin dans les politiques pénales », in C. Lefève et F. Worms (dir.), La philosophie du soin, Paris, PUF, 2010
  Genèse des anormaux. Figures de l’homme déviant (1750-1860), Champvallon, forthcoming, 2015
Most of his work can be accessed at this address

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