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Shifting Perspectives
A Summer Selection, Part V

by The editorial team , 17 August 2020

Books & Ideas is slowing down for the summer and will be offering weekly selections of reviews and essays published over the last year. This week’s selection focuses on ways to shift our intellectual categories.


Laura Singeot, “Knowledge Decolonized”
While the “cognitive empire” feeds on a single conception of knowledge forged by European modernity, epistemologies of the South validate the knowledges produced by the resistance of groups having systematically suffered oppression.




Claire Larroque, “Nature Beyond Dualism”
Modernity has been built on the idea of a fundamental divide between nature and culture, humans and non-humans, the world and the spirit. These distinctions are no longer viable, as shown by an interdisciplinary and collectively authored book.




Ariane Revel, “How the History of Philosophy Was Born”
The history of philosophy is a discipline in its own right that invented itself as such in the 18th and 19th centuries. But it is also an imperialist practice intended to mark the triumph of European reason. Catherine König-Pralong’s book traces its history.




Antoine Doré & Jérôme Michalon, “Learning From Animals”
Neither the social sciences nor the natural sciences are currently invested in studying the cultural relations between humans and animals. If we are to understand them, we must reconsider all our categories, and free ourselves once and for all from the nature-culture divide.



by The editorial team, 17 August 2020

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