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How China Governs
A Summer Selection, Part III

by The editorial team , 3 August 2020

Books & Ideas is slowing down for the summer and will be offering weekly selections of reviews and essays published over the last year. This week’s selection focuses on China today, its uses of digital technologies to govern, and the political theories developed by its intellectuals.

Gilles Guiheux & Ye Guo & Renyou Hou & Manon Laurent & Jun Li & Anne-Valérie Ruinet, “Working in China in the Covid-19 Era”
China managed to maintain a certain amount of economic activity during the lockdown, but at what cost and under what conditions? This article highlights the regime’s use of the media alongside the political and market logics specific to China.


Emilie Frenkiel, “Chinese Intellectuals Speak to the World. An Interview with David Ownby”
With China’s regained power on the world stage, making accessible and studying the way intellectuals reflect on their country and contribute to the global conversation has become indispensable.


Di Wang, “Fortunetellers and Teahouse Workers. Migrant Peasants in Post-Mao Chengdu”
Is there a better way than drinking tea and chatting in a local teahouse to get a sense of everyday life in Sichuan’s capital city? A historian of Chengdu and tea culture explains the role of teahouses in public life and the business opportunities they offer to migrant workers.


Emilie Frenkiel, “Governing by Technology in China. An Interview with Jesper Schlæger”
Chinese society has been thoroughly transformed by digital tools, which private companies have developed for people to shop, chat, entertain themselves. The central and local governments have tried to keep up to date. Jesper Schlæger explains the intricacies of Chinese eGovernment.

by The editorial team, 3 August 2020

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