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Edesio Fernandes

Edesio Fernandes holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Development and a Ph.D., (Warwick University, UK). Fernandes is a dual Brazilian/British national based in the UK, and works as a lecturer, researcher, writer and legal consultant. He is currently a member of DPU Associates (London, UK) and of the Teaching Faculty of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Cambridge MA, US).

His main teaching and research interests include land, urban and environmental law; land and urban planning, policy and management; informal land markets, urban land regularisation and land registration; local government and metropolitan administration; protection of cultural heritage; and constitutional law and human rights in developing and transitional countries.

He has published several articles in academic and technical journals, as well as contributed chapters to several books in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Most recently, he authored a book entitled Regularization of Informal Settlements in Latin America (2011, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy).

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